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Recumbent exercise bicycles come in many shapes and sizes. A recumbent exercise bicycle can have: magnetic resistance or belt resistance, analog or digital monitors, heart rate monitor or no heart rate monitor, self-power or power chord, dual action or simple action and the list goes on. It can be a fun challenge to home in on the recumbent bicycle you need for your exercising purposes. Some people just throw themselves head first and get the first exercise bike they can get their hands on. This is ok, it’s better for people to exercise than to sloth off at home watching TV, but it’s even better if you get a bicycle that optimizes both your wallet and cardiac training.

At one end of the exaggerated, almost ridiculous spectrum of stationary recumbant cycles, there’s the mini-exercise-bike. These are handy gadgets that consist of two pedals on a solid base that you can take pretty much anywhere to cycle on the go. At the other end of the exercising bicycle spectrum there are super bikes like the Mega Cycle 3000. Built from unbreakable and solid materials, these full featured bicycles do everything except exercise for you. Then there are the majority of mid-range bicycles that have most of the necessary features such as digital monitors and magnetic resistance, but at an affordable and attractive price.

These bikes can make it a bit easier to follow through

Not withstanding the importance of knowing what you want for your legs and for your wallet, it can be said that it’s not the different types of bicycles that matter, it’s the biker that matters. With enough mental leverage you might as well get some cheap sports shoes and hit the streets every morning and get the results you’re looking for. Its just that a recumbent exercise bike can make it more convenient to do so.

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